Bunch O Balloons

Get ready to unleash summer with Bunch O Balloons. Innovative self-sealing water balloon makes the water balloon filling so easy and fast. Fill and tie 100 water balloons in 60 seconds!

The caps and stems of the Bunch O Balloons are made of 100% certified, recycled plastic. The balloons are made of natural rubber that comes from plants.

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Bunch o Balloon bunches
100 water balloons are ready in less than a minute – let the funniest summer games begin! With O-ring and Rapid fill technology you can say goodbye to the tying of water balloons.

Equip yourself to the water balloon games with accessories! Throw the balls through the air with the Bunch o Balloons Launcher or aim your opponent with the Bunch o Balloons Filler/Soaker, wich also allows you to fill the self-sealing Bunch o Balloons water balloons.

Bunch o Balloons water slide
Connect the garden hose to the water slide and get ready to slide! The 4,8 m long one person waterslide provides the fastest moments of your backyard! Add Bunch o Balloons to the play and fun is guaranteed. Includes a slide on 100 water balloons.