Toyrock Oy – Who we are?

There is great joy in small things and for that we work at Toyrock every day!

Toyrock Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2014, which focuses on the agency, import and wholesale of products related to children’s toys and children’s family leisure activities. The company name Toyrock reflects reliability – the “bedrock”. At the same time, we want it to reflect a stable and reliable way in which customers can establish good cooperation with us.

Play is child’s work. Play entertains, play teaches, play develops. Play is a pastime and is done both alone and together with others. While playing, the child learns new things, how the objects work and what the consequences of a particular action are. Play develops a child’s mental and physical skills. It is therefore important that the child plays with the right kind of toy for his or her age. Of course, even pastime is important, so the toy must also be interesting and versatile enough to inspire the child and also feed the child’s imagination.

Our job at Toyrock is to ensure that there are enough diverse, developing and interesting toys available for children of all ages. Toys and the materials used in them must be safe and the products must contain sufficient information and instructions to ensure the safe use of the toy.

Our range includes products and brands from world-renowned and respected suppliers, such as Mattel brands Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price, Clementoni puzzles, Bestway swimming toys, Swim & Fun Pool Chemicals, Revell scale models and RC products, among many others.

We guarantee our customers a high and reliable level of service. We are a competent and reliable partner. The products in Toyrock’s range are sourced from operators whose operations are high quality and also accepted by general toy industry standards (e.g. the International Council of Toy Industries) with regard to ethical requirements. All Toyrock products must meet the requirements of industry directives and laws and regulations – without exception.
Small and comfortable things create experiences for people of all ages. To make them possible, we all at Toyrock work for that every day.


Our products are sold by chain stores, private toy stores and other specialty stores across the country. Product ranges vary by retailer. You can find our products from these shops, for instance: