Lasten Suuri Lelukirja is the best-known toy catalogue in Finland

According to a survey conducted in December 2021, the toy book, Lasten Suuri Lelukirja, is once again the best-known toy catalogue in Finland. According to the survey, consumers remember the Lasten Suuri Lelukirja best by name as well as by image.

The study examined the effect of different advertising channels on children’s toy preferences, and the respondents rated toy catalogues to be the most significant factor. The next significant factors were television and in-store advertising.

Lasten Suuri Lelukirja is also the most browsed toy catalogue. Clearly more than half of the children and parents who received the Lasten Suuri Lelukirja had browsed it. The importance of the toy book for families is especially reflected in the fact that more than 70% of the respondents keep it for a month or more.

The study examined the recognition of ten toy catalogues published under Christmas. There were 500 respondents to the study. The study was conducted by MPS Enterprises.

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