It is Barbie’s close friend’s Ken’s 60th Birthday!

Eternally young Ken is celebrating his spectacular 60 years journey by dressing up to three different outfits. Since the launch of Ken doll in 1961, iconic character has been in many adventures with Barbie. Ken is known of his self-confidence, courtesy and handsome look. Over his 60-years career Ken has done a lot – he has been a businessman, pilot, Olympian and actor. Ken even got a role from Toy Story 3 movie in 2010.

Did you know? Ken’s full name is Ken Carson. He is named by Barbie’s creator’s Elliot Handler’s son, Ken Handler.

Ken has been a fashion icon over the decades

Just like Barbie, Ken has always had a sense of style. To celebrate his anniversary, Ken is dressing up to three different outfits.

The 1961 outfit looks modern when Ken wears red stylish swimming trunks and a striped shirt. The sandals in Ken’s feet are a perfect fit for the soft sand on the beach.

Retro training outfit from 1984 is one of Ken’s most iconic outfits. The white t-shirt has colorful stripes and his pants are blue. White sneakers and a dumbbell are the perfects addition to his workout.

In the 1985 rock style, Ken’s gorgeous bright pink jacket with a print catches the eye. A neon-colored shirt, black shorts and white shoes together makes the outlook perfect.

Let’s celebrate Ken’s wonderful 60th anniversary together!