The year’s most gorgeous Barbie EXTRA dolls are finally here!

Meet the new Barbie EXTRA dolls that have extra fabulous outfits and pets! When it comes to fashion, Barbie says “more is more”. With this attitude the unique outlook brings dolls personality to the whole new level. With so many fashions to choose from, children can express their fashion personality which develops children’s self-confidence and self-expression. Who wouldn’t want to be inspired from these sparkling confident characters!


Barbie EXTRA is a bold forerunner in fashion design

Sparkle, color, print and metallic shine… Personal and eye-catching outfit and pet makes the doll more stunning than ever before. Barbie’s hairstyle is extravagant and shines in bright colors.  Barbie EXTRA dolls are proud of their different body shapes and face sculpts – these dolls are always ready to confidently strike a pose.

Each doll is paired with a sweet pet that has its own fabulous style and lovely personality. With 15 different kinds of accessories you can decorate your new friends the way you want.

Be prepared to have an EXTRA amazing time with Barbie!