Disney Cars

The beloved characters Lightning McQueen, Mater and other vehicles from the popular Walt Disney Pixar movie Cars race in the Radiator Springs! Whose car will be the fastest? And who will win the final race of the Piston Cup? We will find out at the finish line!

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Rush towards action-paced adventures! Favourite characters familiar from Cars movies capture the hearts of all little drivers. Find your own favourites from the awesome selection and experience the fast-paced film atmosphere over and over again.

Speed up to Radiator Springs’ adventures in mini-size! There are several different mini-sized vehicles from famous from the Cars movie. Lightning McQueen’s and Jackson Storm’s transport trucks are ready to transport the mini-sized heroes from race to another. Loading is easy with an opening ramp and the truck can fit up to 18 mini cars. Grab your four-wheelers and go!