Dinos Unleashed

Dinos Unleashed is a product series full of wild dinosaurs and going wild. Dinosaur toys fascinate children from toddlers to schoolchildren and they inspire the most imaginative play and adventures. The dinos are fierce looking, but not too much, so that they attract children of all ages and both girls and boys to play. The product family contains a wide variety of products: surprise eggs, mini dinos, moving and vocal dinosaurs and an awesome 50 cm T-Rex. 

Dinos Unleashed ECO products are environmental-friendly and are made without plastic. All the ECO series products are made of plant-based, wheat-containing material (wheat straw blend), and their packaging is brown FSC cardboard. 

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Brightly coloured little dinosaurs have escaped! The dinos’ jaws open and snap tightly shut revealing their sharp teeth. The dinosaurs’ size is about 15 cm. Made of plant-based materials, e.g. of wheat. Includes 4 different dinos.