Disney Frozen

The ice queens Elsa and Anna, known from the super popular Disney Frozen movies, have delighted fans around the world with their icy adventures for a decade. Brave and warm-hearted Anna and strong-willed Elsa are independent and determined queens of the kingdom of Arendelle and they experience the most incredible adventures. They face challenges that test the love between the siblings and force them to face their own fears and themselves. However, with the help of their courage and friends, they overcome obstacles and learn that the love between siblings is a great force that will carry them through life.

The Disney Frozen dolls are strikingly similar to the iconic movie characters, and attention has been paid to their details. Sisters Anna and Elsa resemble each other, but they still have their own recognizable features: hair, eye color, freckles and skin tone.

The selection includes high-quality fashion dolls, smaller mini dolls, super popular Snow Color Reveal surprise dolls and the most wonderful play sets. Just like we remember from the movies!

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The adventures of the super popular Anna and Elsa continue in the kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa is wearing the blue skirt and cape familiar from the movie Frozen 2.

Unbox the icy surprise and reveal your Frozen doll from the snow! The box includes six Frozen-themed surprises: doll, cape, friend, two accessories and a ring for the child.

Ice queens Elsa and Anna from the Frozen movies play the famous movie theme when you press the button in the dress. The doll features removable shoes and movable joints.