Meet your new lovely friends in the world of Enchantimals! The Enchantimals are a group of lovely friends who are very fond of their pets. Each doll has its own characters that refer to their pets. Jump into the magic forest and have a new adventure!

You can watch Enchantimals adventures in YouTube too! The animated Enchantimals series is full of friendship and magic. Click here to the English Enchantimal YouTube channel or here to see the Finnish episodes.

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Enchantimals are a group of cute friends who share a special bond with their pet friends – they are always together and they look like each other too! Where will your imagination lead them?

In Enchantimals world you will meet new lovely friends. Every doll has an animal family of 3–4 to accompany. Enchantimals and their pets are similar in appearance. There are many different play sets available.