Farm play and big vehicles are children’s ultimate favourites and high-quality Rollytoys pedal tractors have delighted the youngest in the family for more than 50 years. Rollytoys offers a wide range of ride-on vehicles, pedal tractors, trailers, front loaders and ad-ons. All vehicles are ergonomically designed for children, sturdy and safe to ride and most importantly, they look just like their role models! Whether your child is more of a John Deere or Finnish Valtra fan, from Rollytoys you will find just the right looking vehicle for your child. The products are still mad in Germany and the factories produce more than 250.000 vehicles a year. 

If you have any questions about the products, please get in touch! 

The little ones love to drive the rollyMinitrac ride-on tractor! The tractor’s hood can be opened, and the steering wheel has a working horn. Knee indentations ensure comfort. Quiet tires and stern hook.

A pedal tractor is every little farmer’s dream! The Rollytoys high-quality and durable pedal tractor features adjustable and protected chains and a sturdy steering wheel. Hood can be opened. There is a variety of tractors available with different ad-ons which are also sold separately.

Durable top-class Valtra pedal tractor has a front loader which makes lifting and moving the load fun! This tractor features an adjustable seat, silent tires, sturdy steering wheel and its hood can be opened. A trailer is sold separately.