Welcome to the fast-paced world of Koolspeed, where the tyres squeal and the gravel clatters! Koolspeed’s diverse range of remote-controlled racing cars, SUVs and rally cars will tempt children and adults to test their driving skills. There are also rough friction cars that can be pushed to great speeds, and special stunt cars for the most spectacular jumps and stunts.

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The authentic-looking Ford Raptor SUV features a friction-powered motor which sends the vehicle on its way at high speed. The SUV has large off-road tyres, front bumper and a cargo bed.

Mohan is an RC rally car with stunning paintwork, impressive blue rims and working headlights. The controller features a range of 30 metres.

With the Flashing Rover RC stunt car you race from stunts to jumps. The vehicle’s journey doesn’t stop at any obstacles because it can flip over and continue its way in other direction.