Vet Squad

Jump into the adventures with the Vet Squad! Emily, Ava, Yara and Robin are professional veterinarians whose job is to help animals in trouble. Their vehicles can survive in any environment: Yara has a safari car for difficult terrain, Robin flies with her helicopter, Emily rushes her speedboat to the reef and Ava has an SUV which can be driven in a forest. All the problems are solved with teamwork. Join the vet play and take care of the lovely animals!

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Vet Squad takes care of the injured animals! Some animals come with a bandage. The injuries of other animals are treated with warm water which makes the sores disappear. The package includes either two or five animals, a bucket and a sponge.

Vet Squad is on the move! Robin flies to the rescue and helps from the air while Yara drives with her safari car knowing the terrain entirely. With the features of the vehicles and the accessories of the play sets, it is possible to help the animals regardless of the situation.

Vet Squad vets rescue animals in need and take care of them in an instant! The play set includes a doll, an animal, a backpack and various accessories.