Escape Room


Feel the excitement of an Escape Room from your own sofa and crack the releasing code in time! Escape Rooms have been a roaring success in Finland ans around the World and now you can try to Escape at your home! Immerse yourself the depths of the Escape Room in your living room. Are you ready to solve thrilling tasks and riddles before the time runs out?

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The game includes tasks and clues for the escape rooms. In addition, depending on the game, there is either a chrono decoder which is a timer and a code checker, or alternatively the game is played using the Escape Room mobile app or a mobile website. There are several different themed games for adults, including horror themed! Does your team have the skills and cold nerves to solve the riddles? Can you find out the code in time?

Family games are adventure-themed Escape Rooms for players over 10 years old to play with family. Excitement and fun time guaranteed!

Lock yourself and your friend into the Escape Room game and solve the code before the time runs out! The game requires an Escape room mobile app or a chrono decoder. The package includes two 60 min Escape Room challenges and a 15 minute game tutorial.

In this combination of an Escape Room and a jigsaw puzzle, you explore a mysterious mansion and discover piece by piece the secrets held within. Follow the story, solve the riddles to earn new puzzle pieces and unlock new rooms. A unique game concept!

Expansion packs are Escape Room games in which you need a chrono decoder from a basic game to play. The game includes tasks and clues, but not the chrono decoder.