Use cubes to create structures in a three-dimensional open world. Minecraft develops design skills and helps you focus, because building a three-dimensional world is suitably challenging and takes your imagination to the next level. Collect resources, complete challenges, and share your imagination with others. Create, adventure and survive in an unprecedented way!

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Jump into the biggest and one of the most popular community in a gaming world. Experience limitless worlds and build whatever you want – the only limit is your imagination!

Minecraft Earth Boost Mini Figure
In addition to playing with your Minecraft Earth Boost Mini Figure, you can add a special power to your Minecraft Earth game. Figures have unique appearance from the original Minegraft game.

Minecraft Potion Carry Along Case
Carry your Minecraft figures inside this convenient case, where you can fit 5 different figures. Packaging includes one rare figure that you can only collect from this set.

Minecraft Comic Maker Action Figure
Create your own comic with Minecraft Comic Maker Action Figure. You can change the face of your figure and it has five moving joints. Every character has its own accessory, a tool or a weapon. Choose your favorite from many figures.